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Reserve your FROG300 before it's sold out!

Yes, you read that right, the OX Oceanix® FROG300 are and will always be limited production, so there will never be enough for everyone!

If we add to that the enormous and excellent impact that the brand and model are having at their initial 'petit comité' presentation and launch (available for pre-sale since July 1, 2023), we can affirm with total certainty that there will not be enough for everyone.

We have a secret to share: if things continue this way, soon there won't be units available for everyone. Our limited production is to ensure complete control over the units produced, testing, and guaranteeing the absolute quality of each of our Diver's FROG300 watches. These FROG300s are our prized possessions, the beginning of a small revolution, so don't wait for someone to tell you about it after we've put up the 'sold out' sign. We'll tell you how to avoid this below.

But first, we want to take a moment to specifically thank the nearly 200 future owners for their tremendous boldness and blind faith in trusting this great project: many, many, many thanks for that absolute confidence!

We continue...

One of the main ideas we had from the beginning was to implement an installment payment system to make it accessible to everyone. Because we all deserve to have one of the most revolutionary and innovative watches on the current market. This system will be available, thanks to Klarna, in August. Paying for a purchase in installments makes it easier to get something you really want, it even makes it more exciting, and usually, the acquisition is valued more.


Now we have taken a step further, so if you have suddenly fallen in love with our FROG300, you can secure your unit by paying a small initial amount (360 USD and 390 USD for the limited NASA edition) as a deposit to secure and guarantee your FROG300 watch unit. It is also possible to purchase a voucher for 25% off the limited edition 18K Gold Series, of which there are only 12 unique units (reserving it for 2,275 USD).


By purchasing a Gift Card, a Voucher specifically for 25% of the total amount. A much more reasonable and affordable payment, when you didn't expect to come across the FROG300 on your way! With the purchase of this voucher, you get a code (Redeem Code), which never expires, and allows you to:

-Secure a FROG300 unit for yourself (100% reserved for you).

-Pay less when you buy it, being able to pay the remaining part in a single payment or by splitting the purchase (with Klarna, available in August).

I think these are good news, especially democratized news! Come on, get your 'Beast' called FROG300 by clicking here !!! We'll keep seeing you around here!

Best Regards,

Joseph Bolart




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