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Use this reservation voucher to secure your OX Oceanix® FROG300 pro Diver's watch unit. Give yourself 25% of the value of the watch, to subtract from the final price (Redeem Code) when there is product availabity.

FROG300 25% Reservation


The FROG300 watches are limited in production, so... Don't miss out on yours! Los FROG300 son de producción limitada, entonces... ¡No te quedes sin el tuyo!...


NOTE ABOUT THE RESERVATION VOUCHER FOR A FROG300 UNIT. This voucher guarantees you a OX OCEANIX® Watches FROG300 watch unit with a finish of your choice among Tahiti Lime, Orange Rescue, Shark Skin, Black Edition or Depth Rainbow (358USD), NASA Limited Edition (390 USD), FROG300 Full Titanium (433 USD), or GOLD SERIES 18K (2275 USD). When they become available (in stock), you can use the voucher by deducting its value from the final total to be paid during the purchase process. The voucher does not expire and is non-refundable, and it can only be exchanged for a FROG300 unit upon the full settlement of the remaining total value of the chosen FROG300 watch. It is not valid for the purchase of accessories or others, it is solely valid for reserving a unit of the FROG300 models mentioned in this text above. Purchasing a voucher will be considered a down payment for the watch. Please, note that This voucher and/or deposit is compatible with - if available - additional discounts and/or promotions on the final total price to be paid for a Pro Diver's FROG300 watch unit. Please note too that the initial deliveries of the pro Diver's FROG300 watches are scheduled to take place around June 2024. ©OX OCEANIX® Watches LLC. All Rights Reserved.

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