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Promises are debts...

As we promised (and I promised you), in June 2023 - yes, today is June 30, 2023 - you can finally see our beloved FROG300 in all their splendor. They are the first of a new breed of Diver's watches, with superior innovations, technology, and features.

It's time to discover (and enjoy) the disruptive new brand OX-OCEANIX®, and the innovative Diver's watches by clicking here or on the photo!

We hope that the disruptive, advanced, and distinctive new FROG300, on which we have been working for 2 years, will be everything you have always dreamed of in Diver's watches. And that they will exceed your expectations.

But there's a "but." The "but" is called "patience." Today you see them in all their splendor and detail, but we will have to wait until September for the first samples, and until the beginning of 2024 to enjoy one of them, ready-made and on our wrist. It's a challenge that will be possible with all of you.

A big hug to many friends and all the watch enthusiasts and Diver's watch lovers, enjoy it!

Joseph Bolart

OX -OCEANIX® Scuba Watches Mastermind

PS/ For those who like Klarna (and/or installment payment), I want to let you know that it will be fully functional in a few days. For now, only pre-purchase is accepted by making the full payment at a special price. Because patience is rewarded, specifically with a 30% discount for the first units sold. And we warn you: later it will be too late, no discounts, no available units.

PS/2 Still going. I apologize because many contents are not yet available or are in English, such as the store. In a few hours, a few days, everything will be in order! Thank you!

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